This website and all links for projects on are personal not commercial ready projects

Files are hosted on personal server, firebase, github and (Privacy Policy of each organization apply)

Some projects maybe rely on third party APIs like Google Maps (Privacy Policy of each API provider apply)

There are not tracking behaviour cookies (like facebook pixel or google analytics) on this site exept the cookies from host, cdn and API providers

This policy maybe change without any notice

Some projects also use cookies for authentication purposes

Since these projects are not for commercial purposes a lot of security rules maybe compromised (weak passwords, remote connections open, bad persmissions, vulnerable to XSS or XSRF attacks)

The database and write disk persmissions are modified and should not allow any modification or file upload

Please behave like anything you do on these sites is public available

The github code on each project is similar or idential to hosted project so you can run any project on your local machine

If you like a project and you want a commercial version of it let me know